Monday, April 30, 2007

oh crap, i'm stranded!

I put out the call for new “Oh Crap, I’m Stranded!” submissions and I was pleased to receive several Mondays’ worth. Thank you to everyone who emailed me their selections. I truly appreciate your participation. Please check back here on Mondays, you just might find your pick!

Today I asked a friend to pick a number between one and ten. He chose six, which happened to be the submission by my best friend, BeLinda. Honestly, my eyes welled a little bit. Cee Cee, BeLinda’s daughter, had surgery on her eye this morning. You can imagine where my thoughts have been today.

It feels a little indulgent to write a paragraph or more about BFF when I write about her all the time as it is. But I don’t believe I have shared how Be and I came to be friends. We had known each other in passing through camp, church conference activities, and Emmaus/Chrysalis. Then, in the summer of 1991, BeLinda and I were on staff at Camp Loucon and by the end of that summer we were somewhat attached at the hip. That fall I started my senior year of high school and BeLinda returned to WKU and we continued to spend time together whenever we could. The next semester Be transferred to Campbellsville University in her hometown. We began to write to one another nearly everyday, and that’s when, I’d say, we really became bonded. Other than that summer at Loucon and that semester in Bowling Green we have never lived in the same town.

BeLinda’s Pick:
Keith Green - The Ministry Years, Vol. 1

The one album I could never be without would be Keith Green’s greatest hits from earlier in his career. He was an amazing person that lived with incredible passion and his music has been with me over the years through lots of stuff. Dear John Letter (To the Devil) is clever and fun and the piano is WOW. He could play. I Only Want to See You There, Stained Glass, Easter Song…every song I love deeply for different reasons. I must, however, stray from the rules a moment and also mention the BBC box-set of non-musical C.S. Lewis: The Chronicles of Narnia, because ALL of it is on my iPod and the whole family listens to it on a regular basis. It is some beautiful story telling. It would be hard to be stranded without it. It is worth having. If I could only have one song it would, without a doubt, have to be the Pata Pata [a dance we do at Loucon] because all the Christian songs I could sing in my head. But the Pata Pata is a lot of fun to dance to.

Would you like to participate in Oh Crap, I'm Stranded!? Submissions may be emailed here. You can read more about Oh Crap! here.


Bobbi said...

Instantly, I am taken back to 1980, listening to "So You Want to Go Back to Egypt"! I haven't thought of that song in ages.

I still need to send you my selection.

the Franster said...

AWESOME pick - I actually wrote an english paper based off Asleep in the Light. Had an interesting response let me tel you. I'm sorry Jennifer that I didn't give you and picks, I just like so many different music types and CD's. I couldn't choose and my brain started to hurt. Still thinking on it so, whenever my head decides to kick in gear I'll send it your way. :)