Sunday, April 29, 2007

snapshots of bowling green

Last weekend Johnny G. came to BG for a Phil Keaggy and Glass Harp concert that was on Friday night at the Capitol Arts Center.The next day we enjoyed a good breakfast at Teresa's (Can't beat it. Ever.) That afternoon we watched the Japan IRL race (poor Kosuke crash and go boom in his home country). During one of our drives we found steer (!) or longhorns or whatever you call cows that have long horns like this.These cows with long horns live not far from Beech Bend. Amazingly this long-horned cow turned and posed for John. I am not kidding. After church on Sunday we enjoyed an amazing buffet at an Indian restaurant I had never been to. While enjoying some dal and naan I heard a family enter and sit not far behind us. The mother's voice seemed a little familiar to me, yet I couldn't really place it. Then I made a trip back to the buffet to replenish my supply of palak paneer. And oh boy howdy did I recognize the mother then: Flora Templeton Stuart. Now if you live in Bowling Green you have seen her commericals on our local television and you will understand why I nearly erupted into laughter right there in the middle of Taj Palace with my plate in hand.

We finished our meal and were driving through the parking lot when I noticed a woman standing with a group of people. I thought to myself, "That girl kind of looks like Daphne.". Then I thought, "Wait a minute, that guy looks like Eric!" My cousin and his wife were returning from a youth retreat at Camp Loucon and the group stopped for lunch on their way back to Nashville. This was the first opportunity I had had to see a 12 weeks pregnant Daphne since I heard their news! How serendipitous; Flora Templeton Stuart and Eric and Daphne all in one parking lot.The weekend, of course, also contained a lot of Derby. Cute little Golden Eye.


Whitney said...

Hey...that's me!!! This is Whitney...Eric and Daph's friend from Grace. It was great to see you the other day. I have checked your MySpace on occassion but didn't realize you were a fellow blogger and knitter!!! I call myself a knitter...but, all I can do at this point are scarves!!! Oh well..I have plenty of learning in me yet. Take care.

John said...

I LOVE it that you mentioned the palak paneer. Is that Jenny sticking her tongue out in back of you and Daphne? How did I not notice that?!