Wednesday, April 01, 2009

#9. scratch that.

So, just yesterday I mentioned in my Ten on Tuesday that I would like to do some agility course training with my dog, Derby Pie. Well, we can now officially cross that one off the list.

Sometimes Derby seems to be a bit of an anxious boy. Whenever I’m getting ready to leave the house – even an hour before I leave – he begins quivering and quaking. He knows. He also does this whenever we get in the car to go to the groomer’s. I’m telling ya, he knows. He also does this when he’s about to get a bath at home. And, he does this when he knows the garage door is open and someone is about to come into the house.

But today I realized Derby had been shaking most of the morning and just didn’t seem to feel well. Even when he was lying down and seemed to be resting he was shaking. He didn’t seem feverish or lethargic and he still had an appetite. But he just didn’t seem to feel well. I called the Vet’s office and got an appointment for the afternoon.

The Vet seems to think Derby has (are you ready for this?) a bulging disc that is impinging a nerve.


Like mother like son.

I have already discovered that it is extremely difficult to keep a two ½ year old cocker spaniel down. I am supposed to be keeping him from jumping off of beds, couches, chairs, stairs, et cetera. But the whole reason I wanted to do those agility classes is because Derby is such a good jumper and really seems to enjoy it!

Derby had a few shots at the Vet’s office – some anti-inflammatory and some pain meds. We were also sent home with about two weeks worth of Prednisone. He is markedly better already. But he has to take it easy for awhile and that is going to be the tough part. Don't let the Sleepy Pie photos fool ya.


Eric Coomer said...

Remember those old Time Life commercials that said "Coincidence? I think not!" The ones where a woman in Duluth burns her hand and her twin sister in Phoenix feels a strange pain on her hand? And then the announcer would say, "Coincidence? I think not!"

Anyway, that's how weird and sad this whole doggy with a bulging disc thing is.

Oh, but if you call now you get a free football phone!

JD said...

My dog has a grass allergy. GRASS ALLERGY! He's a 7 pound dog. He's 6 inches off the ground. Its crazy. Today, he pulled all the hair out of his chest while in his cage because he itched. He looked like a man who had his chest waxed--it was red, bleeding a little, and he looked ashamed of himself. So now he's on antihistamine pills and is wearing a shirt to keep him from getting to his itchy spots.

Dumb dog. What kind of dog has a grass allergy?!?? The same kind that gets bulging discs I guess. My step dad had a vet named "38 magnum." Its sad, but its cheaper.

Don't tell Brittany I said that.