Tuesday, March 31, 2009

ten on tuesday: 10 things on your to-do list

1. Make appointments for more physical therapy (this one really needs to be made a priority).

2. Back-up downloaded songs from iTunes.

3. Finish reading Twilight so I can see what all the fuss is about and finally watch the movie.

4. Implement some blog ideas and changes.

5. Schedule an appointment to get my tattoo touched-up as well as get another one.

6. Start a book discussion group.

7. Bake some bread.

8. Finish knitting the steering wheel cover I began a few weeks ago and haven’t knit on in over a week.

9. Take Derby though obedience classes so we can proceed to agility classes (see #1).

10. Write my first book.


Anonymous said...

what is your next tattoo going to be?

and what will your book be about? how will you get it published? i want to do that too, but the whole process overwhelms me.

Jennifer of Dog.Yarn.Knit. said...


I have ideas for several. And I'll tell you in person. When I make you take a blood oath to not tell anyone or steal my ideas.

Anonymous said...

ha! i promise I wouldn't steal your ideas. :) i'll tell you mine too.

Jen Littleford said...

I need the steering wheel cover pattern. Where did you get that?

Jennifer of Dog.Yarn.Knit. said...

Jen - click on the picture of "Wheelie" in my sidebar. It'll take you to the pattern.