Monday, March 09, 2009

migraine monday.

When I woke up this morning I immediately knew it was going to be a day to stay in bed. I had a migraine yesterday that ebbed and flowed with the thunderstorms that moved through most of the afternoon. A lack of a good night's sleep is my #1 migraine trigger. Between the (stupid) time change and feeling hot and restless the last couple of nights I knew I needed some extra sleep. That familiar fuzzy, fiery, achy feeling was smoldering just behind my eyes when I first opened them this morning. I took Derby out, called into work, and then climbed back in bed for a long winter/spring nap. After sleeping and resting most of the day I started to feel much much better.Oh, and I forgot to mention that I kind of fell yesterday.

Not a big fall.

The same step in the garage that I fell off of in November was involved.

Nothing was fractured or sprained this time. I mostly landed on my butt pretty hard. And I really just mostly scared the bat snot out of myself. I felt pretty sore last night and most of the morning. But I don’t think I did any real damage. My floppy foot just gets a little confused sometimes.

Late this afternoon I decided Derby and I would both benefit from some fresh air and Vitamin D sunshine. So we loaded up in the new Honda and headed to the Bark Park. I really like being able to put Derby in the “trunk” of the CRV. He has a pretty hard time getting over the back seat - which means he’s less likely to make it into my lap while I’m driving. And I think he gets less anxious back there.

The weather was gorgeous today and the dog park was lousy with dogs of all sizes. We ran into my friends from church, Paul and Brandi, and I finally got to meet their dog, Kai. While the dogs ran around we were able to visit. Well, visit as much as we could with a few dozen dogs running around us.At the dog park I left my cane in the car. And by the time Derby and I got to the small gate I was already tired. I just kept telling myself the walking was good for me. But it certainly wore me out. Derby and I should sleep well tonight.

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