Wednesday, November 12, 2008

to paraphrase beck: i got two specialist doctors and a piece of cake

I had a few doctor’s appointments today. One was with the neurosurgeon’s office in regards to the foot weakness (“drop foot”) that I’ve been experiencing in my left foot since my surgery. They sent me for a new MRI and I’ll have a follow-up appointment with the surgeon later this week. Their office also got me set up with an orthopedist to see about my sprained ankle after the fall I took over the weekend.

At Tennessee Orthopedic Alliance I learned my right ankle is sprained, but the orthopedist didn’t believe there was serious damage to the tendons or ligaments. One x-ray showed a small hairline fracture on the inside of my ankle. Dr. Glenn also found a spot on the back of my foot that never fused together during childhood. Which isn’t so much an area of concern as it is interesting. For the sprain and the fracture I was given a big black stabilizer boot to wear. Otherwise, I was told to keep doing what I’ve been doing – stay off it and keep it elevated.

Between doctor’s appointments, MRI’s, and x-rays Mom and I enjoyed a great lunch at PF Chang’s. And we brought home a couple Great Wall of Chocolate slices. Yummy. My favorite. That almost made the rest of the day worthwhile. Well…almost.


swankette said...

Sweetie was in one of those boots for a couple of months last year. His doctor recommended shoes with higher soles for the other foot, to try to keep things in balance, otherwise it could screw up his hips and back because he'd be walking at a weird angle. Not sure if anyone mentioned that to you or not - but with the back issues you're going through it's probably something you'll want to take into consideration. Hope you get better soon!!!!!

jason said...

Yikes! That ankle looks pretty bad.

Jennifer of Dog.Yarn.Knit. said...

Jason, I think you mean my new cankle.