Sunday, November 16, 2008

cookies, candies, and lip gloss

This not sleeping normally thing has got stop. Every night I think, “Tonight will be different. Tonight I will sleep like a normal person.” Okay, so my life is not so normal right now. But I try to take my meds that make me drowsy early enough for them to do their job. I drink a glass of milk. I get comfy. I listen to some soothing music. But I’m just awake. Meanwhile, Derby is snoring away at the foot of the bed.

Well, while I’m up…

I got a few wonderful packages this week!

First, a gift of cookies from courtesy of my friend, Robin, and her family. Robin is a really amazing woman. She’s had her own mountains to climb lately and she’s kicked butt climbing them. I found out that for a little extra will also send a dozen cookies to an solider who is recovering at Walter Reed Army Hospital. Robin said, “So because I sent some to you I was able to send some to a soldier who is probably in pain, too, so you can feel good about that (and know somebody else out there is mixing pumpkin cookies with their pain meds tonight). Knowing that made my pumpkin cookies all the more special.

Today I got a care package from my god-children. It was nothing but a box of fun! It included:

  • Some original artwork.
  • Two balls of dishcloth cotton – Peaches and Crème in the colorways Fiesta & Red.
  • A purple recorder! (I’m considering learning something really elaborate to play for my Aunt Trudy, the elementary school music teacher, at Thanksgiving.)
  • Burt’s Bees Pomegranate lip balm (always good to have on hand)
  • Lots of fun candy – M & M’s, a giant box of Bottle Caps – which I L-O-V-E, some Tootsie Rolls, gummies… AND some Japanese apple gummies and ginger candy that is just awesome awesome, awesome.
  • A bag of Beggin Strips for the dogs. And a squeaky pizza toy for Derby. He was immediately in love with this pizza slice and would not let Memphis or Keyara see, sniff, or touch it.

And on Thursday a new Bare Escentuals kit arrived from QVC. Yay! This is the first in the Diamonds Collection – Champagne Diamonds.

Bare Escentuals has tried to mix things up a bit and instead of doing a make-up bag they’ve been including everything in a mirrored vanity box. They are handy. But I have five of them now. But for the Diamonds collection they have changed things up and bit...and put the mirror on the horizontal!

I love love love the new Natural lip gloss. I love the packaging, I love the smell, the feel, the wearabilty, the brush. And the color in the Champagne Diamonds kit, Brilliance, is a really great neutral color. I am hoping they will be including new shades of the Natural lip gloss in the remaining Diamond kits. I also like...

  • the peachy champagne colored eye shadow, Flawless Diamond,
  • the steely chocolate liner shadow, Smoky Diamond.

The Cognac Diamond eyeshadow seems similar to other BE shadows I have. So I was not too wowed by it. I’ve not used the Diamond blush yet. A couple of the brushes I may put up for swap on But the Crease Defining Brush is great and I know I’ll get good use of it.

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