Wednesday, November 19, 2008

floppy footed

The telling of my surgery story has gotten somewhat sidetracked. This is mostly because my sleep patterns are so off. That does something to me mentally. I have a lot of time where I’m lying on my bed and I want to read or knit or write. But I just don’t feel like doing anything. I can’t seem to get focused. I’m grateful for being able to catch-up with friends on Facebook and email. And I’ve made good use of Spider Solitaire. Yet there are all these things in my head. And they just rattle around in there. I know I need to process this saga. Writing is a good way for me to do that. I need to just do it and not worry so much about how perfect the doing is.

Last Friday, after a new MRI on Wednesday, I saw my neurosurgeon and learned the good news that the foot drop in my left foot does not seem to be caused by any new nerve impingements. However, the nerve that had been impinged by the ruptured disc that was operated on is double the size it should be and needs some time to settle down and continue to heal. It’s not certain how long this could take. But the foot drop should get better in time. My sharing of this good news got sidelined the day of my doctor’s visit by a blinding migraine that came on quickly. I’ll spare you most of the details and just say there was much puking into trash bags over a 12 hour period.

Tomorrow marks three weeks since my surgery. It’s hard to believe it’s been that long. The fall that caused the sprain and fracture in my right ankle a week after my surgery has, at times, made my recovery seem to move in slow motion. The stabilizer boot I wear when I am on my feet (on a limited basis) is not the most comfortable thing I’ve ever worn. It’s hard to not be able to be up and walking freely. I wonder about the progress I might be able to make with my foot drop if I were able to get outside and take a short walk with my cane.

I am on restrictions since my surgery to lift no more than two pounds. But I can’t even flop my drop footed self out to the kitchen to gather up food and a drink by myself at this point. And, because of the use of the cane I only have one free hand. I know there are good lessons to be learned in being patient, waiting on others, and allowing others to serve me. It is a humbling thing.

Right now I am making use of one of my dad’s three canes. Dad uses a cane because of his MS. He has three identical simulated wood patterned aluminum canes. They are nice canes – but more of a masculine design. If I’m going to use a cane I want to rock it while I can. I figure I should make the most of it and have fun with it. But in my online searches I’ve found there are not many canes for the Hip Set. No, the more feminine options I’ve found are for the Broken Hip Set. Think Sarasota retiree floral…

I’m finding there may be a market for Disability/Recuperation Chic!

I did come across this company, Fashionable Canes, that has many options -- from the economic to the extravagant. There are rhinestone studded handles, pearlized colors, elaborate carved wood and pewter.

However, I am very tempted by the “Dr. Gregory House Flame Walking Cane”. Cool isn’t it?There is also a simple solid pink cane I have my eye on. I don’t know how long I’ll need to utilize a cane and I don’t need to go overboard. But a girl should have options!

It is now a little after 9:00 am and I have been awake since sometime near 2:30 am. I am venturing out today on my first non-doctor visit jaunt. I’m getting a haircut! After that I'm sure I'll need a nap...

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Janice said...

So why does your Dad have 3 identical canes? Well, the first one is rather old and because of his weight bearing it is bent. The 2nd one was purchased in E'town at Walgreens where half way to a preaching engagement at Shepherdsville he remembered he forgot his cane. The 3rd was purchased as his Sunday cane, because the handle's fake wood grain after awile wears off. One of the canes was used to support himself in the ocean at Gulf shores. Do you know how hard it is to get ocean water and sand out of an adjustable metal cane?