Tuesday, November 11, 2008

friends and sanctuary

After a sleepless night and only a few hours sleep late this morning my day shaped up quite nicely. Thanks to some CMA week goings on LYLASarah only had to work a half day. With the office closing early she headed north to come visit me! When you’re accustomed to seeing someone practically every day not seeing them for over two weeks seems like a really long time – especially when a surprise surgery is inserted in there. Sarah’s visit was good medicine for my soul. Not to mention that she brought me my much missed canister of Teavana Earl Grey Creme' that I had left at the office.

In the midst of her visit my dear friend, Louis, and his son brought by a wheelchair that will help me get around easier when I see my neurosurgeon in Nashville tomorrow. My sprained ankle cannot bear much weight and because of my back I am not able to use crutches. So the wheelchair will come in very handy.

Sarah brought me a great “get well” gift from the new Bare Escentuals boutique in Cool Springs (Franklin, TN). It’s an eye color exclusive to the BE Boutique stores called Sanctuary. Don’t you love that name? I just love that name. And the color is gorgeous. It’s pewter shade with flecks of jade. 100% of the proceeds from Sanctuary will benefit United Animal Nations (UAN). Sarah knows the many ways to my heart. And several of them involve eye shadows and lip gloss.

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