Tuesday, March 18, 2008

10 on tuesday: 10 places i'd take a tourist to see in my hometown

10 Places You’d Take a Tourist to See in Your Hometown

Oh, the question of a hometown. It’s difficult when you have more than one. But because I live there now, feel most at home there, and feel most like myself there, I’ll pick Bowling Green.

5. Places to eat: Teresa’s, The Bistro, Mariah’s, Peppers, and Chaney’s Dairy Barn.
6. Fountain Square and other historic ares of downtown.
7. The Kentucky Museum (part of the museum, a log cabin, was once the home of movie maker John Carpenter. Also, see this site.)
8. The historic Shake Rag district with a meal at Shake Rag Reed Restaurant.
9. The Shaker Museum at South Union
10. Duncan Hines grave and his one-time house that is now a funeral home.

While Mammoth Cave, the world's longest cave, is not in Bowling Green (at least not the entrance), it's nearby and very worth the while.


Sonya said...

Would have to do the Duncan Hines grave! Interesting places. I hope I get to see them one day!

Teena said...

Looks like we'd have a fun day!

I played too ... come check out Toronto :)

Marissa said...

You nailed 'em, Jennifer! I'm glad you didn't go to the BG Area Convention & Visitors Bureau for a job (your Lost River Cave blog!) because you might have gotten mine... I'm the PR Coordinator and I came across your blog through my monitoring. Check out our John Carpenter site if you get a chance... we developed a tour around town that passes all of the streets and places referenced in some of his films or associated with him! visitbgky.com/johncarpenter

Jennifer of Dog.Yarn.Knit. said...

Marissa-I've glad you found my blog! I picked up the John Carpenter brochure at the Vistor's Bureau back in October! ;-)