Monday, March 17, 2008

i ...

I think that if I fill out enough NCAAB brackets I can will Louisville to win it all.

I also believe I may be able to Norman Vincent Peale WKU past U Conn.

I think Panera Bread makes really good Irish Soda Bread.

I am part Irish on my father’s mother’s side. Erin Go Braugh!

I am knitting one of these. In this yarn (Blue Violet #4240)

I am still making progress on the Jackson Levi Project. I messed it up a few weeks ago. Thankfully, LYLASarah’s Mom came for a visit (to visit Sarah, not me) and she was able to fix my mess up! We are back on track now and the sweater should be finished by the time Jackson is starting college.

I am kind of sad that Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew (who I totally have a crush on) is over. For now.

I'm glad that Kristy Joe went home. "Unfinished business"? Uh, yeah.

I kind of think I want to cut my hair shorter. As in short shorter.

I really enjoyed our Crossroads hibachi dinner at Samurai on Friday night.

I had great conversation over lunch with Lindsey, Susan, and Jordan on Saturday. My favorite moment may have been when we, in unison, said “Lovely Loupin and Courageous Conqueror”.

I think I finally made some progress with Derby and the "come" command. Amazing. Cocker Spaniels = stubborn.

I'm reading Beautiful Boy by David Sheff. The title always makes me think of Mr. Holland's Opus, "Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful COOOOOOOOOOOOLE."


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Love the scarf! Very feminine. Laura B.