Friday, June 01, 2007

weekly derby - 29 weeks old

Don't think I won't post pictures of you acting a fool on the internet, young man!
Yesterday I had one of those days when I really felt good about myself as a knitter. I felt proficient; like a real cracker jack. My absolutely obtainable goal for the day was to complete first side of Derby’s dog bed and cast on the second side. HOWEVER, nearing the 10 o’clock hour I entered my bedroom to find this cocoa colored puppy with his nose in my knitting bag. One of the tips of my circular needles is missing and puppy teeth marks now freckle the remaining stub. A portion of the yarn is felted and several stitches are pulled out. Derby, if you don’t want a hand-knit dog bed just say so. Maybe you’re mad at me for having you fixed. Or for leaving town for five days. Or for knitting and not giving you my undivided attention. Or maybe the smell of yarn is, quite simply, too enticing for you to resist.


Sarah said...

I'm getting worried about what he would DO to the bed once its his!

Jennifer of Dog.Yarn.Knit. said...

I'm hoping once I get it washed and my scent is not all over it he might not want to chew on it as much.


Rebecca said...

who IS that shaggy young man? your Derby is the cutest ever! oh no! he's eating your needles? bad boy. it must be the smell of yarn that attracts him so. just imagine how felted his bed will be once you finish it and he gnaws it lovingly.