Thursday, May 31, 2007

thursday 13: 13 pets i've had

Thirteen Pets I've Had

1) Waggles – Dachshund (Early 1970’s)
My parents had Waggles before I was born. They decided to find him a new home when I showed up because he seemed jealous of me.
2) Jemimia – breed unknown (Mid-1970's)
A pretty little mutt my mom tried to nurse back to health. My first experience with death.
3) Shasta – Dachshund (Early 1980’s)
Around this time we discovered my allergy to the hound breed. Shasta was a sweet girl, but she made me break out in hives. So she went to live with my grandma’s friend.
4) Lady - breed unknown (Mid-1980's)
A puppy who had been dropped off at the dealership where we bought one of our cars. I named her Lady after “Lady and the Tramp”. It was one of those situations in which Dad didn’t discuss something with Mom first. We didn’t keep her very long.
5) Mr. Kitty – Outdoor cat (Mid - 1980s')
Our only cat (again, allergies). It was a very cold and snowy winter when Mr. Kitty was found at the church at ended up living at the parsonage.
6) Provolone -Snail (Early 1990's)
A snail I had with some fish in my dorm room in college.
7) Numerous fish
goldfish to beta
8) Bethany – Goldfish (1984)
I won this fish at my elementary school’s fall festival and named after my best friend in the 4th grade.
9) Rusti – Cocker Spaniel (1987-1999)
We’re still not over it.
10) Jill – Guinea Pig (Early 2000's)
Yeah, bad idea. I was so allergic. She went to live with her BFF, Bailey, who lived with my BFF, BeLinda.
11) Memphis – Siberian Husky
12) Keyara – Siberian Husky
13) Derby – the best cocker spaniel puppy in the whole world!


The Rock Chick said...

Awwwww...I'm an animal lover, too! I can never have too many pets, I swear. Right now I have 2 dogs, 3 55 gallon fish tanks and 4 hamsters. Well, the hamsters technically belong to the kids, but you know who takes care of them, right???? Yes, Me!!!

Really liked your list!
Jessica The Rock Chick

Kristin said...

That's a great list. I'm pretty sure I've not had 13 pets in my lifetime, but maybe I have. I may have to borrow this theme!

Happy TT!

Mymsie said...

Hee - I had a snail called Armundo :)

Toni said...

Wow! That is a lot of pets! Good list! Mine is up at Being An Air Force Wife!

Raggedy said...

Great pet list...
I had a horse named Lady once, I loved her very much...
We have also had Dachshunds, Fritz, daisy, and dummy...
I may do a pet list someday but I have had waaayyyyy more than 13 (horses,dogs,cats) if I added all the other critters I might just end up with a death of critters blog..
Great TT
Happy TT'ing
Mine is posted too

Stephanie said...

Nice range of animals. It's amazing when you start listing them and realizing how many pets you've had in a lifetime.

John said...