Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Sometimes you discover an author. You read their first book and you love it. Then you read the follow-up and you love it, too. You’re ready to read the third one. But you learn that it’s not yet been released; the author is still writing it. You know the book is going to be published. But you’ll need to wait a little while. You visit the author’s website and see what they have to say in the meantime. You learn more about them and come to appreciate them even more than you did when you finished the first book. Along comes the release date of the third book. But not only do you get the third book, but a couple of short stories, too. And it’s fun and exciting and like a friend has some for a visit.

Yesterday I got a third package from my SP8 friend, Michelle, who had sent Derby a couple of short stories last week.

Check this out; she made me ultra special, one-of-a-kind Indy Car stitch markers! How creative and specialized is that? She used driver’s team colors and car numbers and these cute little open wheel charms! Love them. Love them! She even sent a few extra cars in case I would like to make more. And because, she mentioned, some of the drivers have switched teams and colors since this project began.She also sent a pattern book and some lovely yarn for when I finally take that Fair Isle plunge like I mentioned I wanted to try before the end of 2006. Hey, it was an unnecessary self-imposed deadline. She sent Dale of Norway Baby Ull merino wool (so soft) in Forest Green, Khaki, and Navy. She also sent along the ubiquitous dish cloth cotton in one of my favorite and preferred colorways, Playtime. p.s. I took these pictures late last night and evidently my eyes were focusing about as well as my camera. Sorry I didn’t do these treats justice.


Katie said...

What a fun idea for stitch markers!

swankette said...

Glad you like them all!

swankette said...

Oh, and did you notice that Tomas Schekter got a little something special on his? You had mentioned you like him but more in a "I want to make out with you" kind of way, so I couldn't resist. :)