Wednesday, May 09, 2007

a surprise in the upper room

Last week contained a few bumpy spots for me. My parents were on vacation, which meant I had more alone time. Which usually means, “rely on God more” time. Just what a bumpy week needs! One night as I was lying in bed, a few minutes before turning off the light, I opened my Upper Room daily devotional and a name jumped out at me. The person who had written the day’s devotion is the senior pastor at my Nashville church. Even though we’ve kept in touch through emails, I have not seen Mike in person since the day of my back surgery in October. It felt like a friend took a moment to write me a letter and remind me of God’s steadfast love and sovereignty.

I found that Mike’s words tie in with the current sermon series, “Drop 18”, at my Bowling Green church. Going from head to heart. Knowledge to Belief. Allowing ourselves to be transformed by the message of the Gospel and not simply being able to repeat the words. Do I show others my knowledge? Or do I live my life in a way that allows people to see how I have been changed by Jesus Christ?

You can read the May 4th Upper Room devotion, written by Mike, here.

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Whitney said... quote the Upper Room...
What are you certain of?

Wow. I am certain God is working in my life in sooo many ways (in blogs, in waiting rooms, in friends I didn't even know I had!). If only we have the eyes to see it and ears to hear it. Amazing.