Sunday, April 22, 2007

need more dog park

On Friday I had some doctor appointment woo-haw to attend to, so I took a vacation day. That meant I had some extra day-light when I got home. My dad and I took advantage of this and took Derby to the DOG PARK! where, at one point, there were no less than 16 dogs on the under 30 pound side. Most of the dog parents sat on the ground as our children played. At one point I commented, “I hope this is what heaven is like. Sitting in a field with dogs running all around.” A few people around me kind of chuckled. But I was serious. I hope that at least part of heaven is like that. Singing eternal praises to Jesus, dog park, and calorie/fat/carb-free chocolate.

I realize that most of the dogs that come to the dog park have parents who understand the importance of socialization. Yet I am often amazed at how affectionate and cordial most of the dogs can be. Running up and jumping in your lap. So sweet and trusting. Derby is usually the youngest one dog and he reminds me of a child on the playground.Approaches dog clique…
“Hey, can I play with you?”
Dogs have eyes on ball being hurdled over head. Follow ball. Run.
“Oh, ya’ll are running? Can I come? Where ya going? Hey guys….hey…”
Another dog approaches and catches Derby’s attention.
“Hey, can I play with you? Oh, you’re running, too? I’ll go with you.”
After several yards…
“Alright, you know I am sort of winded. I’m just going to see what that Pomeranian with the lion’s mane haircut is doing over there.”
Follows Pomeranian. They stop to sniff each other. Walk in circles. Run a few steps…
“Oh, you’re going somewhere? Yeah, well, I’m a little worn out. I think I hear my mom. I better go see what she wants.”Saturday we enjoyed a short visit to the dog park where we saw a couple of friends from Friday, Chance and Evie. I had taken along a new ball, Frisbee, and collapsible water bowl. But Derby was interested in the other dogs and people. And their water bowls.


Vader's Mom said...

Fun! I wished Vader liked the dog park that much.

Sarah H. said...


the Franster said...

Ahhhhhhhhh he's soooo cute! Growing up to be quite the handsom lad. I too just went to the dog park the Christy found near us yesterday. It was so much fun to watch little Maddie play with the others. She did really well and was so cute. I could totally hear the same conversation your dog was having, Maddie's was realy close but her's was more like "RUN! RUN! oh, and RUN some more!!" It was great. :)