Tuesday, April 24, 2007

10 on tuesday meme: 10 things i like to do alone

Ten On Tuesday: 10 Things I Like to Do Alone

1. Go the bathroom
2. Take a bath/shower
3. Sleep
4. Watch a movie
5. Read or Write
6. Paint
7. Take a walk
8. Pray
9. Organize things
10. Pluck facial hairs

This doesn’t mean that some of the things on the list I don’t like to do with others. But I'm also content to do them solo.


Patois said...

Good list you've assembled. #10 never occurred to me, but you're right on that one!

Julia said...

Okay plucking facial hairs would be the last thing I want anyone to see me doing, so I hate to admit it but yes I do that too LOL

Great list! Happy Ten on Tuesday - have a good day

lmilla said...

I never thought about some of the ones posted. But they are dead on! For some reason, I stuck with one word things...

God bless!

ti'mo said...

Pluck facial hairs - too funny. You made me thing of another one though, cutting my nails. I don't like to annoy people with the sound.

John said...

I drink alone. Yeah, with nobody else.