Monday, February 05, 2007

from derby...

I am taking over Mommy’s blog to tell you a few things. Yesterday Mommy took me outside to potty (that’s what she calls it) and when we got out there I found more of that neat white stuff on the ground. Mom calls it “snow”. I really like hopping in it. It feels funny on my paws and nose. I run fast and then I jump and try to catch it with my front feet. The big dogs really like it. I can tell. I still don’t think Memphis likes me very much, though. And I don’t know what I’ve done to offend him. Keyara will let me chew on her ears. I don’t know why I do that. But I can’t help myself. I like to nibble on them.Saturday night I heard my family people saying that Keyara had run away and I got really sad. I worried about her and thought I might not get to play with her anymore. Memphis won’t play with me. I didn’t know what I’d do. Then it started getting dark and I didn’t understand why she wouldn’t want to come home because it’s warm and the family people tickle you and rub your ears and give you food. I know the big dogs’ food tastes good because I try to sneak a bite of it whenever I can. When it was almost bedtime Mommy and I stood in the garage (that place is neat!) and I saw Keyara in the driveway. Grandma was trying to give her some hamburger. She NEVER gives me hamburger. But Keyara wouldn’t come near Grandma. If she tried to give me hamburger I’d come running! Maybe I’m wrong and it doesn’t taste good. But it sure smells great! Eventually Keyara came in and got into her bed with Mr. Memphis and I felt better knowing that we were all home and secure. The next morning I came out and there was all that snow! I think Keyara was out there doing a snow dance! She’s a snow dog. I’m not. I’m a bird dog. I don’t know why but when I hear a bird I get the urge to raise my paw and stick out my butt. It’s kind of weird. But it’s what I do.

Yesterday afternoon Mom took me to this place where there was a lot of yarn. The yarn was on sale and this is evidently a big deal! But I don’t know what 75% off means. This sale was in honor of that Super Bowl thing. Mommy and I walked in that store and all those crazy knitter ladies made all kinds of noise about me. It was a little overwhelming. Ladies were grabbing me out of Mommy’s arms and making all these silly noises. They all said that I was so cute. I hear that all the time. I must be a real stud. Whatever that is. Those ladies sure were excited about that yarn. However, for a few minutes they were really excited about me, too! Mom took me all over that store while she petted yarn. And it got kind of warm and I really wanted to get down and run around and pick up the yarn with my teeth. But Mommy would not put me down!!! We looked at yarn. And looked at yarn. And looked at yarn. Yarn yarn yarn! And sometimes a lady would come up and pet my head and tickle my ears and say I was “precious”. It was really nice and I tired to be on my best behavior. Mommy didn’t buy any yarn for me. At least I don’t think so. Do I wear socks? I’ll show you what we bought. I tasted one of them and it wasn’t bad.
Later Uncle Wayne showed up to watch that big bowl on tv. I never saw a bowl. I kept looking for a bowl with food. But I just saw these men with big muscles in special hats running around on the grass after a ball. And they’d jump on each other and people would blow whistles. It looked like my kind of game. I love Uncle Wayne and when he showed up, well this is kind of embarrassing, but I got so excited that I kind of piddled on him. I didn’t mean to. I just couldn’t help myself! When the men weren’t running around and jumping on that ball Mommy, and Granddaddy, and Grandma, and Uncle Wayne would laugh at these little shows. I liked the one with the gorillas. Mommy was glad that the horse team won. And since she was happy about that I am happy, too. I think I like horses better than I like bears.



swankette said...

Tell your Mom that she's got some more yarn coming her way soon - and there may even be a little something special in the package for you!

Also, next year tell them all instead of watching that bowl they should tune into the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet. They've got cameras on the sort of bowl you're familiar with there. You probably could have played in the puppy bowl this year, you're so darn cute!

Jennifer Coomer said...

Derby's mom is excited! We did watch some of the puppy bowl early on. We were rooting for the Samoyeds. That one dog, Bess, was kind of a bully and a roughhouser.

Derby did wonder why he wasn't on that show. He should have been!

Katie said...

Too cute! And it looks like you made some fun yarn purchases too!