Tuesday, November 21, 2006

antm 7: episode 9

How come The CW has not posted any pix from the last episode of ANTM?
Here's the nutshell...

Girls went to the L.A. Rep Theater.
Tasha Smith did an acting class.
They had to do an exercise called, "Dumping".
It's not as gross as it sounds.
Every girl used the phrase, "I'm so sick of __________!".
Eugena thinks Melrose is bi-polar.
CariDee was really honest and shocked everyone.
CariDee rocked the challenged and won a roll on One Tree Hill.
They all went to Barcelona, Spain.
Michelle said, "Once we get into the city we see all this gorgeous architecture...amazing buildings...Spanish people must come to America and be like, 'What the hell?'."
They had to do a commerical for Secret.
It was in another language.
Jaeda's Spanish male model partner threw her off her game when he said he didn't, "like black girls."
The judges said most of the girls "could not act."
I say maybe they just can't act in another language.
CariDee was in the bottom two!!!
I was nervous!
But Jaeda was the one who went home.
The End.
Here's the commercial.

1 comment:

Cara said...

let's be honest:

i think these girls are all jealous of melrose.

like, third grade jeolous.

no, worse - like 7th grade jelous.
and so they are mean to her.

i really have not seen anything about her that gives them reason to dislike her so much.