Wednesday, November 22, 2006

happy birthday eric

Happy 30th to my cousin, Eric.I found proof of celebrating his birthday on Thanksgiving when we were kids. Unfortunately, this copy is a *little* blurry. This was a Coomer Family Thanksgiving in Hodgensville, KY (birthplace of Abe Lincoln) maybe round about 1978 when my Uncle Harold/Eric's dad was pastoring First UMC there.

Eric's the little one on the far side of the table, then there's me hamming it up for the camera, Michelle is next, and Kenny is seated there on the left. I think the adult standing is my Aunt Linda.

You know what? Most of us still sit at the "kid's table". And we like it that way.


MCI - not just for phones anymore said...

Love it!!!

Jennifer Coomer said...

You know what I mean, Michelle. We're in our 30's/late 20's and still eating in the basement! On purpose!