Tuesday, June 23, 2009

ten on tuesday: 10 favorite sports plays ever

1. WKU's Ty Rogers Buzzer Beater in the 2008 NCAA Tourney

2. UK vs. Duke - The Christian Laettner shot heard round the world.
I know some UK fans are going to hate on me for this. But come on, it was an amazing play.

3. Vitor Meria threads the needle - 2008 Indy 500
The first video is the TV broadcast. Second view is from his in-car camera.

4. Tomas Scheckter passes 7 cars in one amazing move at the 2004 Indy 500

5. The 2nd closet finish at Indy - 2006 Sam Hornish, Jr. takes it from Marco Andretti.

6.Mary Lou Retton's gold-medal winning perfect 10.00 vaults at the 1984 Olympics.

7. Greenwood, the high school I graduated from opened in August, 1990. Most of our football players stayed at the high school we split from - Warren Central. So it took some time for our football team to ... well ... score. My senior year - during our second football season - we finally scored our first touchdown during a game against Warren Central. You would have thought we'd won the state championship. GO GATORS!
No video available.

8. The 1973 Kentucky Derby
So, I was in my mother's womb in May, 1973. But this remains my favorite Derby.

9. Calvin Borell takes Street Sense up the rail to win the 2007 Kentucky Derby.

10. This is not only one of my favorite sports memories of all times, but I would actually put this in my Top 3 "Moments I Felt Most Alive". At Lap 172 Danica Patrick, then a rookie, takes the lead to become the first woman to ever lead a lap at the Indy 500. No video or television coverage could ever truly capture what I felt there on my feet in the stands at the 2005 Indianapolis 500. The crowd became one giant, excited nerve.
In this first video you can hear the announcer say, "All is right with the world" and I think that is exactly how we all felt in that moment.

This is a fan's video taken from the stands in Turn 2 - imagine those cheers magnified by 300,000 people multiplied by 12 laps. Amazing.


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