Wednesday, March 11, 2009

libere spiderman

So, Helio Castroneves’ tax evasion case is currently in court. I have been rather silent about this matter because I don’t even like to think about it. The thought of a 2009 Indy Car season without Helio hurts my heart. And, the thought of an Indy Car Series with no Helio… ever… again… never… never… again… I die.

Worst case scenario – Helio is found guilty and deported back to Brazil never to race (or, it has to be said, dance) in America again.

Jeff, of My Name Is IRL, has been providing updates on Helio’s case on his blog. Follow along at: My Name Is IRL. Just look for the "get out of jail, free" cards for trial related posts.

Meanwhile, I am preparing myself. Should this case drag out past the first several races of the season I am gearing up to print my own t-shirts for the Month of May. Just look for me near the corner of 16th & Georgetown between the turkey legs and a guy named "Bob".

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