Wednesday, October 08, 2008

the discipline of writing something down is the first step toward making it happen. - lee iacocca

If I’m honest I am still very sore.
If I’m honest I’ll tell you that my neck hurts.
If I’m honest I’ll tell you that my chest hurts.
If I’m honest I’ll tell you that my back hurts.
And it’s not like it needed any more helping in being messed up.
If I’m honest I’ll tell you that I’m really groggy right now from a half of a Flexiril that I took last night.
And if I’m honest I will admit to the American public that I am currently driving one of my least favorite cars on the road.

Thankfully The Other Driver’s insurance is covering a rental for me. I went to pick it up the other day & the gentleman at Enterprise walked me out to the parking lot. There were several cars lined up in a row. I was wondering which one I’d end up in and was hoping for the Dodge Caliber in the middle and not the dinky Ford on the end. But Enterprise Guy walked me over to…

A PT Cruiser.

No kidding.
I said: Wow, a big one??
He said: They requested a mid-class.
It is the color of vanilla pudding. The tag on the key ring even says, “Chrysler. PT Cruiser. Vanilla.”

But on the positive side, there are a few things about the Vanilla ZZ Top Mobile that I am enjoying.

  • It has an auxiliary jack that I can plug my iPod into.
  • This morning I discovered that it has Sirrus radio. I realized this when I was scanning through channels and landed on a DJ who was dropping the f bomb like John McCain drops “My Friends…”.
  • It tells you approximately how many miles you have in your gas tank. “289 miles until empty”
  • It’s pretty comfortable.
  • It’s drives pretty smoothly.
  • I have owned 5-speeds since I was 18. They get much better gas mileage. And I like the control of a manual transmission. So, it’s a little weird for me driving an automatic when going up hills or trying to pass. But it’s nice while idling in traffic.

This reminds me, Lee Iacocca and I share a birthday. I guess the joke is on me. Vanilla pudding for everyone!

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misty said...

i could get spoiled to knowing how many miles are in the gas tank!!!! hope you feel better soon.