Friday, July 04, 2008

friday candy

Candy: The Battle Hymn of the Republic written by Julia Ward Howe, November 1861.

Why this is sweet: When I was in college we sang this every year for our Concert Choir pops program. The music and the lyrics touch upon some deep emotions for me. This song also brings back some funny memories.

My third year in college a new choir conductor arrived at the University of Evansville who was born and raised in Hong Kong. Needless to say, English was not his first language. And sometimes lyrics would trip him up. For instance, " de beauty of de rilres Christ was born across the sea, with a glory in His bosom (pause) daa daaa daaa daa daa daaa daaa...."

The person who complied this video and posted it on YouTube writes: I have always wanted to put this song to battle images. It is for ALL U.S. Republic Veterans. I hope these images set to this hymn, will help all U.S. Republic Citizens remember and see, "that 'Freedom' needs a soldier."

Happy Independence Day

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