Tuesday, June 03, 2008

10 on tuesday: 10 ways the world has changed since you were in school

Ten Things That Have Changed Since I Was In School

There are some pretty obvious advances in technology. I remember thinking the high school I graduated from was pretty cutting edge at the time because we had computer labs and were taking "keyboarding" instead of typing. But it wasn't until college that I got my first email account and it would probably seem an archaic system to students today.

When I was in high school…

1) Hair was much bigger, usually permed, and covered in Aqua Net or Rave.

2) Neon was in vogue (and is now coming back!).

3) Mobile phones were huge, usually came in a bag, and were mostly considered “car phones”.

4) I bought most of my music on cassette tapes.

5) Coffee was something you didn’t usually discover until college. Now it seems to be junior high.

6) I wrote intricately folded notes to my friends instead of the texting them.

7) If packaging had another language, other than English, on it it was usually French, not Spanish.

8) You wrote checks. If you needed cash you went to the bank and made a withdrawal or had to write a check for cash.

9) Tom Cruise seemed somewhat normal.

10) Gas was less than .99/gallon!


Surfergirl said...

haha loved the aqua net! :) yeah 80's fashion is in these days..its all a cycle isnt it. and i miss writing notes to friends. i bet if you tried to do that now, it would seem weird!

mistylb.wordpress.com said...

in middle school, it was tight-rolling jeans. in high school, i had a spiral perm. i remember using the school's pay phone to make calls and slipping notes in people's lockers.