Wednesday, January 09, 2008

10 on tuesday: 10 Best Moments of Last Year


10 Best Moments of Last Year (optional: Photo 10 on Tuesday - 10 Best Pictures of Last Year)

I am mixing it up a bit and doing some great moments of ... + some favorite pictures of ... + the Best of Bill Money, 2007

1) When Bill Money said, “Do you have any gum?’ during the middle of a meeting.
2) Danica Patrick, Turn 1 of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Carb Day May.3) The first time I heard the song “The Trumpet Child” by Over the Rhine
4) When Bill Money said, “These pesty groiters!” and meant “pesky goiters”.
5) Four Generations: Granddaddy, Uncle Harold, Eric, and Jackson. December 26.
6) The births of my second cousins, Sophia and Jackson.
7) When Bill Money said, “For Christmas, now, I want one of these Japanese cats that glow green or red.”
8) Derby Pie's First Birthday, November.9) When Bill Money said, “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh no. Britney Spears and I have the same birthday.”
10) Santa Gives It Away? Bowling Green Christmas Parade, December.

An honorable mention that happened YESTERDAY...
When Bill Money said, “I guess it’s the time of year we have to sign confessions. I’m promise not to sex attack Megan.”
(Translation: sex attack = sexual harassment)
I don't know how I originally left this one off the list. It's a real gem.
Bill Money: Oh no! Evel Knievel died!
US: Oh really? What happened?
Bill Money: I don’t know. He just died. He didn’t jump off of anything.
US: [hysterical laughing]

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jason said...

that 4 generation picture is really heartwarming

who is Bill Money with all the HILARIOUS quotes?