Tuesday, May 15, 2007

welcome back derby

Derby is home!!!!!!!!! Baby is doing fine. He's not as groggy as I thought he might be. The difficult part is keeping him from jumping and chewing or scratching at his stitches. Most of his stomach is shaved-so I'm sure that itches, too. The vets' office did loan us an "e-collar" to keep him from getting at his stitches. He really is being a good sport about wearing it. I just hate putting it on him because it does not look comfortable. I think it would be hot, too, especially with his ears all shoved up in his face. He gets hung-up on and bumps into things. He's reminding me of the black overweight poodle my great aunt had. Penny went blind in her older years and basically saw by bumping into furniture and other objects, then correcting her path from that. Like sonar. Only different.

This afternoon we're going to rest and relax while catching up on some episodes of Lost on-line. I'm going to knit on the dog bed. We're just goint to take it easy. As I write Derby is snozzing near my left foot. It's comforting to hear his soft panting sounds. It's so good to have my little boy home.

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Sarah H. said...

Glad he's OK!

Dodger has had an e-collar sometimes, and I'll take it off when I take him outside. He's too distracted to scratch and chew when he's ouside. FYI.