Thursday, May 03, 2007

thursday 13: thirteen people i would make derby pie for

Last Thursday I was having a little writer’s block and needed a few prompts. So, LYLASarah helped out by making a list of ideas for Thursday Thirteen topics. There was one on the list that I knew would be perfect for this week - Thirteen People You Would Make Derby Pie For.

It is a tradition of mine to bake a few Derby Pies for work the day before the Kentucky Derby. My plans for tonight include pie baking and knitting on Derby’s dog bed while watching the two-hour Grey’s Anatomy. You can find the recipe to make your own Derby Pie here.

Thirteen People I Would Make Derby Pie For

1. Jesus
2. Paula Deen
3. Amy Grant
4. Sarah Fisher (After the 500, she’ll want to be in prime racing condition)
5. Diane Sawyer (though I’m sure her mom would bake her one)
6 Jennie Benedict, the woman who created Benedictine sandwiches (Okay, so she’s dead.)
8. David Letterman’s mom
9. Emma Snyder
10. Ann and Kay of Mason Dixon Knitting
11. Karin & Linford of Over the Rhine
12. YOU
13. Homeless Man in the Park
Several years ago I gathered some co-workers up for a Derby Luncheon that we held in a park adjacent to our building. We had Kentucky Hot Browns, Benedictine sandwiches, green beans, and other sides. For desert we had Derby Pie. We were wrapping up our meal when we noticed a homeless gentleman in the park. Steve (“Monkey Boy”) asked the man if he’d like some lunch. He accepted and Steve and I began preparing him a plate. We assumed the man was fairly hungry, so we wanted to provide as much food as we could. But we did check to make sure each item was something he’d like and would eat before adding it to the plate. When Steve asked if he’d like some pie the man said, “No thanks. I don’t eat sweets.” Steve glanced at me and we both knew the other was trying to keep from bursting out into laughter. But if he did eat sweets I would make him a whole pie.
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Stephanie said...

Wow. That's a really nice list! I've never had Derby Pie, but my grandmother is from Kentucky, so I know I could get her to make me one! !

Thanks for stopping by!

swankette said...

Thanks for the pie! :)

Your final Secret Pal package is going in the mail today... just a wee bit late.

Megan said...

Very creative list. Surprisingly insightful.

Happy TT.

Jeannine said...

I am glad I was in that list as well. I would have been rather dissapointed to find out that all these strangers (apart from Jesus of course) were getting pie but not me :-)

J.P. said...

Emma Snyder!!! Can I come over and sit and chat, even if I don't eat anything? Please?