Wednesday, May 02, 2007

derby, derby, derby, derby pie

This year some of the headlines in the Kentucky newspapers I regularly read have been making me chuckle. They certainly have new meaning seeing that “Derby” is a word I now use repeatedly and daily.

Here are a few favorites:
1. Order of selection for tonight's Derby post-position procedure
2. Leparoux's first Derby mount will be Sedgefield
3. It's perfect time of year for Derby trainers
4. The ultimate Derby style manual
5. Dress for Derby success

Louisville gasoline prices gallop to $3.20 a gallon; Derby gets blame, but experts say no

The other day I noticed a sign at a liquor store that read, “WE HAVE ALL YOUR DERBY SUPPLIES!” I think that’s pretty awesome since they have a drive-thru. “Hi, I’d like a large bag of Iams-Puppy Formula. Some K-9 Advantix, a squeaky toy….and a bottle of merlot. Oh, and throw-in a couple nips of Makers or Beam. I’m baking Derby Pies tonight.”

Queen Elizabeth will be attending the Kentucky Derby this year and it has the city of Louisville all a‘twitter. There are even bets on what color her Derby hat will be and if it will have a feather. I am not making this up.

What Color of hat will the Queen wear at the Kentucky Derby?
Red 7/2
Blue 5/2
Yellow/Gold 9/2
Green 5/1
Purple 3/1
White/Silver 5/1
Pink 8/1
Brown 6/1

Will the Queen's hat be decorated with a feather?
Yes -300
No +200


john said...

The Queen Mum coming to the Derby?? I did not know that. The picture kind of looks like a llama or a brown ostrich. said...

She's not the Queen Mum. Never will be! :-)
Put me down for a buck on pink.
Feather? ahahahahaha