Friday, May 18, 2007

the month of may (tm)

I heart the Month of May. I love that one race gets the focus for one month. I love that the drivers and their crews spend so much time tweaking their car set-ups. Trying to get everything just so, trying to get one more 1/4 mph out of their machines. I love the Indy 500 trivia questions Johnny G. makes up for me. I love trying to memorize all 33 car numbers (let’s hope for 33 anyhow). I love the fantasy race scenarios Johnny G. and I create; e.g., would you rather Vitor Meira or Scott Sharp win the Indy 500? We both agreed on Sharp because Vitor has more racing miles ahead of him. I love looking forward to the daily announcements from The Track. I love finding out which celebs are going to attend the race and be part of the festival parade (Um, John Oates? Seriously?). I love the various track traditions John lets me observe with him. I loved whispering to my mom like a little girl last night, “I’m going to see McDreamy next week”. I love knitting while watching pole day, bump day lite, and bump day on TV. I love knitting in the car on our way to Indiana. I love knitting at the track. I love knitting while thinking about the race.I am really considering starting a new project to work on between the long rows of Derby’s dog bed. A project for a certain driver. And I know that John will not let us leave Indy without seeing to it that this driver receives this hand knit gift, even if he has to run into the street during the parade next Saturday or break into said driver's RV. (Right John?)

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lmilla said...

Have fun at the race! I'm terrible with racing - I can't keep up with which race is next!

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