Monday, May 14, 2007

let's play ball

Today is the day. We dropped Derby off at the vets' office around 8:00 this morning. His surgery will probably start around 11:00 (CST). I’ll call the office later today (around 2:30-3:00 to see how he's doing. He can be picked up tomorrow morning. I already miss him so much already! The house seems so quiet. Being here while he’s there and wondering what he’s doing is nerve wracking. He took Bah-Bah along with him. But I'm sure he's having lots of fun playing with the staff. He's so irresistible they can't help themselves.

While we were in the waiting room a very large dog with a hurt paw came in and Derby started shaking in his furry little boots. But they made friends after the usual sniffing. As the nice vet tech lady was taking Derby to the back she said, “Come on Derby, let’s go flirt with some girls one last time.” As he headed off Derby looked over his shoulder at me as if to say, "See ya later Mom!"

I need a sedative.

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Katie said...

Good luck!