Monday, May 07, 2007

cascades of gratitude and puppy sweaters

On Saturday Derby got mail.
Not just mail. A package.
It came from the other side of the country.
My friend, Michelle, who I met through SP8 sent Derby a package that included…

a really nice card
a book called, PuppyKnits: 12 QuickKnit Fashions for Your Best Friend
And some Cascade yarn for the cable knit sweater pattern she bookmarked.
The sweater will be perfect.

I got really excited. Which got Derby really excited and running around shaking his bob-tailed butt.
He got to sniff the yarn a little. But just a little, otherwise he’d think it was a play toy. And we remember what happened with the Socks that Rock yarn.

Thanks Michelle!!!

1 comment:

swankette said...

Feel free to pick another sweater, that's just the one that seemed to suit Derby best from the photos I've seen. :)