Friday, February 02, 2007

weekly derb and the snow dogs

Derby’s weekly Thursday picture. Would you look at how much the little boy had grown!This morning Derby and I walked outside and onto the patio and I could quickly tell that his bearings were off. “What is this cold wet white stuff in my yard? Where’d my grass go? Wait, am I still on the patio? What the heck is going on? Can I pee on this stuff?” I assured him that everything was just fine and we headed out to his tree where he made his first yellow snow. It was around 6:00 am and still dark outside. And I was not awake enough to have the foresight to have brought along my camera.But I grabbed it before I took the Snow Dogs out. Keyara “did her numbers” (a borrowed term from my friend “Bill Money”) and then plopped down in the snow as happy as a hog in mud.It was our first “big” snow for the winter in SoCenKy and Mid-Tenn. I love snow and have been hoping for some for weeks. Thank You, God, for creating snow and for covering the ground today. Of course I live in a region where the snow comes and goes quickly. If only the Southern heat and humidity would follow suit in the summer!


Katie said...

The big doggies look very "right" out there in the snow.

Kathy T. said...

I'm looking for the Iditarod sleds with those dogs! :)

mom said...

Snow dogs are very different but have taught me alot.