Friday, February 23, 2007

give away 40/40

We’re a few days into the Lenten season. And I am giving up cokes (soft drinks). However, this year I want to focus more on taking things on for Lent and less on the giving something up. I hope to share more with you about some of the ways that I am observing Lent this year, as well as the reasons why I do this in the first place. Also, I plan to share why I am choosing to tell you these things instead of doing so in "secret".

One of the things that I am trying to do give away 40 things that I own during this Lenten season. This doesn’t include things like placing Pottery Barn and Land’s End catalogs in the recycle bin. But finding a new home for things that I feel like someone could put to use. I’m trying to find things that will either be a sacrifice for me or have some significance. Things that are not simply cast offs or belongings I want to get rid of. It’s an effort to simply my own life and hopefully bless someone else. I’ll try to keep the list up-to-date as I go and include a link on the sidebar of this blog.


36. Lip gloss given to Megan.
37. Gently used Bare Escentuals eye shadow given to Megan. 3.01.07
38. Green yarn from my stash given to Nancy. 2.25.07
39. Hot pepper rubberstamp given to Rhonda. 2.23.07
40. Sock yarn given to LYLASarah on her birthday. 2.22.07


Sarah H. said...

That's quite interesting. Good luck, and I hope you get a lot out of it.

John said...

Man. I'm a hedonist compared to you.

BFFBeLinda said...

so can we ask for stuff that we might want??