Wednesday, January 17, 2007

who's the crazy lady in the backyard?

Early this morning I piled on the layers to take Derby out. In the last few days the temperature has dropped into something that resembles winter around here. Derb and I made our way into the backyard where he squirmed in my arms begging to be on the ground. I thanked God for giving us some winter air. I’m one of those odd (I use the term relatively) people who likes the winter and cold temperatures. As Derby tried to trick me out and sneak over towards the compost pile I interrupted my prayer, redirected him, and we headed back into the house. Inside I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. I was wearing a pistachio green cotton night gown, a Lip Smackers pink cotton bathrobe, a brushed denim jacket, a navy fuzzy fleece bucket hat, a white hand knit scarf, and sand colored Uggs. I should have been out there praying that none of the neighbors would see me!

Back inside I set Derby on my bed while I began to shed some layers. When I turned around I found Derby with this bottom in the air and his head inside one of my Uggs. Then the chewing began. This is not welcome behavior. But it was so cute I had to grab my camera before I made him stop. See? Cute…

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