Monday, January 29, 2007

oh what a day!

So, this cute this puppy, who met my godchildren for the first time on Saturday, was bit on the head this morning by "Mean Mister Memphis" (click here for Beatles reference). Now, I am sure that Memphis more than likely meant little innocent baby Derby no harm. I want to believe that Memphis just wanted tiny precious innocuous little Derby out of his face. He probably never meant to draw blood. But he did. Oh and did he. I was in the kitchen preparing some breakfast and about to head towards the shower when a high pitched cry came from the family room. The kind of cry, with a shriek and a yelp, I had not heard before out of my wee pup. My dad said, “I think Memphis bit him.” Dad had scooped Derb up in his arms. Derby continued to whimper and whine. Then I noticed blood on Dad’s arms and hands. I did what any mother would do. I took, okay grabbed, my baby from Daddy’s arms.
Before this becomes any more dramatic or graphic let me say that Derby is now fine. We went to an animal hospital and the vet said Derby’s scalp was punctured. He was alert and lively and this was a very good sign. But I had to leave my little baby there for observation. I came home and sulked. All the while missing my little chocolate cocker spaniel baby.Derby had some medicine. And several hours later we picked him and his bottle of antibiotics up from the animal hospital. He came home and acted like nothing had happened. But something happened to me today. I knew for certain that I am now a mother. My baby may walk on all fours and be furry. He may use the bathroom outside and eat headfirst out of bowl. But I am a mother.

p.s. I still love Memphis, too. I'm just a little mad at him.


TheSteph said...

Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh!
Poor kid! I would freak. You must have better nerves than me... I would still be crying! Doggie bites hurt! and I bet little Derbs has a headache... Poor, poor kid.

I'm glad he's feeling better, and you too! Awwww.... Poor kid...

Katie said...

Poor baby! And poor Mommy. I'm glad he's bouncing back quickly.