Friday, January 26, 2007

11 weeks

It amazes me how much Derby is changing everyday. He’s a little bolder when it comes to jumping off the sofa or ottoman. And he loves to jump off the step into the garage from the back patio. His little legs fly out to the side as he’s airborne for ½ second.

As you know, each Thursday I place Derby in the same chair to take his weekly birthday picture. I remember at six weeks it was so easy. He was tiny and timid and sat quiet and still. But with each passing week it has become more of a struggle. He’s either sleepy and wants to lie down. Or ready to play and jump out of the chair. What he may not have realized yet is that I can be as stubborn as, if not more than, he is.

See ya!

I’m done here.

Okay, I give up.

You win, Mommy.


Anonymous said...

He'll be wanting to borrow the car soon.

TheSteph said...

Gosh! So big now! :)