Sunday, December 03, 2006

november end/december begin

Tomorrow marks the end of my short-term medical leave following my surgery. I go back to work. Tonight almost feels like the first day of school.

A few pictures from the week.

1. I love my Honda, Parnelli Belle. But I have two complaints, and really only two, about that car. A) There is not a power lock switch on the front passenger door. B) It has the stupidest cup holders in the history of automotive cup holders. Cups easily tip. Especially if they have a handle. This week my dad bought me a new travel mug for my car. No handle. And it’s green! Thanks daddy!2. I found cute new kicks for going back to work. Back friendly flats. Bronze. A brown alternative.3. I have decorated for Christmas. Dishes are done, dude.4. Finished project: Tube scarf.
Yarn: Lion’s Brand Landscape given to me by BFF.
Pose: ANTM. I imagined that Tyra was directing me. “Bam. Oommph. Pow. Pop.”5. Ball Winder! This is a birthday present from my parents. It just took us a while to order it. We ordered from and it came very quickly. I’m talking TWO DAYS.


Sarah H. said...

Have a good day at woooooooork!!

Can you use your ball winder without a swift? Info, please.

Katie said...

I like your tube scarf! And good luck on the return to work! Cute new shoes always help.

Jennifer Coomer said...

I have been able to use my ball winder without a swift. I just use one hand to wind and one to guide.