Sunday, December 03, 2006

ANTM Cycle 7 - Episode 11

Four Girls left.
One week until the finale.

The girls are taught a Flamenco dance routine and partnered up with four Barcelonans who are much cuter than the male models they have worked with previously. Eugena does really well and admits she’s had jazz and ballet training. Melrose has a problem in keeping with the steps if she gets out of sequence. When they return home all the girls practice their dance steps expect for Melrose who, “stayed up four extra hours” to memorize her lines for the Secret commercial.
Later that evening the girls have dinner with Miss J. They talk things over and he offers advice. CariDee comments on how Melrose put on airs for Miss J.

Melrose has three different personalities. Maybe she should be medicated. -CariDee

Now this puts me in a quandary. I have never really felt as if Melrose deserved all the criticism that she gets from the other girls. Sure, she seems to have a strong personality and the way she smiles broadly while saying almost everything she says is a bit creepy. But I think the smile makes her come across haughty when she does not intend to be. However, my girl CariDee starts to criticize Melrose in this episode and I start to wonder if they are seeing something I’m not. But then I just start to question CariDee and her stability. I dunno. Especially after she looks at Eugena and says, “Feel how smooth my armpits are today!” Then again, Eugena did feels them. So maybe Melrose is the only sane person in the house.

If Melrose becomes ANTM I’m going to puke. -CariDee

The girls are outfitted in Spanish/Flamenco dress. Melrose whines that her dress is a large. It is a little large. But I wouldn’t be complaining too much because it’ll hide her feet if she messes up! Eugena did really well and smiled A LOT for once.Melrose messed up. Got out of sequence and had to think fast on her feet to bluff her way back into the correct steps.CariDee related well to her partner and showed passion.Amanda looked awkward. Wwwaaa wwwwaaaa.Following the challenge Melrose’s frustrations with herself get the best of her and she begins to cry. Again, I think the others are too tough on her and think she’s only crying because she didn’t win.

Eugena wins the challenge and picks Amanda to share in the prize. They receive a Custo jacket and shirt and jacket respectively.

Tyra joins Mr. Jay in directing this shoot. She comments that in early cycles she was more hands on for the photo shoots and wants to spend more time directing the models. The girls are paired up to pose together in a very cold swimming pool as floating “water angels”. Tyra pairs them up.

Melrose and EugenaCariDee and AmandaCariDee has to be pulled from the pool as near hypothermia causes her body to shake. Amanda poses without her for another 50 frames. Jay and Tyra sort of scold Cari for trying to stick it out and not speak up sooner. Those poor girls must be really confused. "Don’t complain. This is what real modeling is like. You’ll be asked to model in some extreme conditions. But don’t dare go too far and put self yourself in harms way. Speak up. But don’t speak up too soon or you’ll look like a big baby or a diva who can’t handle this tough modeling business."

I heard Amanda didn’t do so well because she was awkward as usual. -Euenga

Miss Jay asked the girls to dance with the photo shoot partners to show what they learned during the Flamenco challenge. Nigel reminds them that there are two photographers sitting a the judging table and they didn’t look at the panel as they were dancing. Miss Jay & Tyra dance and Tyra steps out of her shoe. But being the consummate professional she, of course, keeps dancing! Ole!

I knew you were shivering. But there was not one frame where you looked cold. -Tyra to CariDee

[CariDee] has toned down the manic side of herself. -Twiggy

I think this could be one of my favorite ANTM photo shoots ever. I thought the pictures were beautiful.



“It’s kind of like I’m breaking up with Top Model. But I got broken up with.” - Amanda


Cara said...

do melrose and caridee kind of look exactly alike in their pictures to you? i have yet to be able to tell them apart.

Jennifer Coomer said...

They have some similarities. I think Cari is more classically pretty.