Wednesday, December 27, 2006

more derbs

I have been working on a cable knit purse for my mom. But on Christmas morning I wrapped up the pattern on which I had written, "This is not done yet because you got me a puppy." Friday night I was too excited about picking up Derby the next morning that I couldn't knit! And Saturday I couldn't knit because I was getting to know Derby. And Sunday...more of the same. At this rate I'm not sure when the purse will get done.Oh, that little boy just melts my heart. Work was rough today. Why can't a girl just stay home and play with her new puppy? Mom and Dad sent me emails "from" Derby through out the day. I heard he even growled at the HuskyButts. Right now he is laying on the computer desk right in front of me. He's so tiny and sweet. He's a big responsibility and I want to give him the best life he can have. I was very touched yesterday when Aunt Trudy put her hands on him and said a little blessing over him to have a healthy life. And Aunt Linda brought him a Christmas present! A really fancy rope chew toy that has a tennis ball on one end. It is his favorite and his best. This morning I couldn't find Derby. I then discovered that he has snuggled up in the part of my *Grandmother Quilt that was pooling at the foot of the bed. Have I mentioned that his nose it the color of a **Hershey Kiss? He loves to lay on or between shoes.
I haven't abandoned the HuskyBirds. Christmas Day they enjoyed some Frosty Paws dog ice cream (what a treat!), new bones, and doggie toothbrushes! Okay, so they haven't exactly enjoyed the toothbrushes. But life is not always easy. Nor is dental care.

*My Nana made the Dutch Dolls and my Grandma pieced the quilt together.
**Please do not email and tell me that dogs can't have chocolate. I know. It was a prop.

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TheSteph said...

Derby is SOOOOOO cute! :)