Tuesday, December 26, 2006

derby days

I am tired after a day with the Coomer Clan to celebrate Christmas at Granddaddy & Grandma Margie's. But I wanted to tell you more about Derby Pie, or Derby for short. Oh, I am so smitten with him. He is the best Christmas present I have ever gotten. No wait, he is the best present since Rusti, the red cocker my brother and I got for our birthdays in 1987. The whole family is enamored with little Derby. I think he is a gift we’ve all enjoyed. He made his way into the hearts of all his uncles, aunts, and cousins. Not so sure about Granddaddy, though. How a man can be the patriarch of a family of dog lovers and not be one himself I do not know...Derby was born November 9, 2006 in Muhlenberg Co., Ky (home of the Everly Brothers). So he is now 6 weeks old. He is chocolate brown with little patches of white on his chest and chin and one perfect racing stripe on his bottom. Most of his brothers and sisters are kind of all the small size for their breed. If only he could stay this size always...I know you'll think I'm partial, but he seems to be smart boy for such a young fella. He's catching on quick to how it works around here. The huskybutts are not real sure of him yet. I think they are still trying to figure him out. But there are moments that, I can tell, Derby thinks he is a big dog, too. For the first day or two I think KeyKey was kind of mad at me because she's my girl. She was not willing to accept Derby into the pack. But she's coming around. A few times Memphis (who is licking my elbow right now) seemed to think that Derby belonged in his mouth. I don't think it was intended to be a mean or hurtful thing. It was maybe even nurturing. But I didn't like it. And after he was made to submit and my hand clasped tightly around his muzzle I would guess he'd think twice before doing it again. We're all becoming a unified pack. It'll just take some time. This place has gone to the dogs. And it's heaven.

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Katie said...

Oh, I'm so happy for you! A puppy!!! And he is a cutie at that. Awwwwww.