Tuesday, December 19, 2006

make my life a bethlehem

Sunday I attended a different service from my regular at my church so that I could enjoy the chancel choir’s Christmas Cantata, “Living Christmas Throughout the Year”. My Uncle Wayne is in the choir so that is an added bonus. They did such a wonderful job in leading us in worship through music. I was very glad that the words to each piece were printed in the bulletin. I was especially impressed upon by one song.

Make My Life a Bethlehem
By Craig Courtney

Make my life a Bethlehem, a manger of my heart.
Let me hear the angels sing and let the music start,
May I fall in simple faith and wonder to my knees,
In the manger of my heart let Christ be born in me.

In my life there is a place that scattered with the straw of every
disappointment, each regret and every flaw.
In this dark and dismal place my beasts of burden lie.
Weary from the heavy lad they long to lay aside.

Come and sweep this stable clean and swaddle it with light,
And let the Child be born in me upon a starlit night.
For though He’s born a thousand times in far off Bethlehem,
Until the Savior’s born in me I cannot worship Him.

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