Wednesday, November 01, 2006

antm 7: episode 5

Each cycle one of my favorite photo shoots entails Tyra and the girls and simple b&w photos usually with a twist. This cycle the girls wore creepy spooky contacts. Kind of reminded me of Kiefer Sutherland and Jason Patric in Lost Boys. The judges raved over Eugena’s b&w. but I thought she looked like she was lifting her head up from the toilet after whuereffing.This week’s training was taught by Burlesque Diva Dita von Teese (Mrs. Marilyn Manson). I think bags of cake flour may be sexier than Anchal. But I think that is tied into her lack of confidence. She has a fuller figure than most of the girls. But so what? She’s stunning and had such striking features. Melrose won another challenge and her prize was an editorial in Seventeen Magazine. It’s a good thing that AJ was sent home last week. Such a unique individual would surely hate to appear in Seventeen magazine. Most of the remaining girls do say that they don’t care about the challenge prize. What? Do you want to be models? An editorial in a widely read publication? Great for your porfolio? You don’t care. Okay.
AMERICA’S COVERGIRL OF THE WEEK: CariDee. Now we’re talking.

The girls posed with Fabio in a take on romance novel covers. As always CariDee and Melrose brought it. I thought Melrose’s photo looked most like an an actual book cover. Brooke’s face was lost in the shadows. Michelle looked so pretty. For once I thought Jaeda did a really nice job. For a period kind of shot I was surprised that Eugena’s navel ring was left in the picture.FACING ELIMINATION: Brooke and Eugena
I felt pretty badly for Brooke being eliminated on the same night as her high school graduation. I think her emotions were very natural. But Tyra slightly scolded her for saying that she could have been at her graduation. I would have felt the same way as Brooke. Even if I were on tv and getting to hang with Ms. J.

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