Wednesday, November 01, 2006

antm 7: episode 4

I have some catching up to do on my Top Model reviews. Sorry, I’ve been a bit occupied as of late.

I don’t really get why so many of the girls wanna hate on Melrose. Chiefly AJ. Obviously AJ seems to feel threatened by her because she does so well at photo shoots and challenges. She does seem to have a strong personality. But I don’t think she deserves to be called “Smellrose”. Too many of them are putting too much energy into disliking Melrose and not enough into their own modeling.Mark Steines from “Entertainment Tonight” gives the girls a crash course in interviewing. Most of the girls stumble and bumble and AJ even breaks out in hives. The next day the girls interviewed Janice Dickinson at a red carpet event. Yeah!!! Any episode with Janice Dickinson is a good episode in my book. Being that I have read Janice’s first two of three books I could have used that to my advantage when it came to interviewing her. But I’m not on the show and evidently none of the girls have read No Lifeguard: The Accidental Life of the World's First Supermodel; Everything About Me Is Fake-- And I'm Perfect; or Check, Please!: Dating, Mating, and Extricating. I was really hoping that CariDee would do great. But she just couldn’t find her words. Jaedea was just bad and awkward and it was uncomfortable to watch. She didn’t even try to fake it. Melrose (who did great) won the challenge. AJ replies that she glad the she didn’t win the ET challenge. Sure…
Miss Tyra shows up at the house for some tete a tete time with each girl. My main criticism of AJ is she wants to make herself seem so distinctive. She is an enigma in her own mind. I find that people who want to portray themselves as perplexing they are usually the most transparent. During Tyra Time we find out that CariDee suffered from a bad cause of psoriasis and is a photographer. Amanda seems upset and tells Tyra it’s because her twin, Michelle, has told some of the girls that she is struggling with her sexuality. I must say, Amanda is a really cute crier.

For the photo shoot the girls are posing as both partners of a famous couple.
Eugena - Jay-Z and Beyonce. She was a better Jay-Z than Beyonce.
Anchal - Oprah and Stedman. That hair and make-up was whack. What was that? I could have made a better Stedman wig with hot pink fun fur yarn. Anchal really impressed me with her Lady O.CariDee - Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. If you’ve not figured it out CariDee is hand’s down my favorite. She was a pretty convincing Brad and an amazing Angelina.
AJ - Marc Anthony and J Lo. She just fell flat. What happened? She usually takes great pictures. I don’t even think she was trying.
Brooke - K-Fed and Britney. She turned it up.
Jaeda - Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston. Kind of timely with the recent announcement of their separation. Jaeda did well. She was a good Bobby.
Michelle - Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi. She really got the Ellen idiosyncrasies down and showed just how pretty should could be as Portia.Amanda - Ashton & Demi. I’m really glad that Amanda had this couple. She really showed some personality.
Melrose - Donald and Melania Trump. Basically, she did awesome.

The girls were given another correspondence challenge at judging. I don’t know why Tyra seemed so astonished that Anchal didn’t know that POV stands for “Point of View”. I bet she’s not the only one. Again, watching Jaeda trying to do commentary was just kind of distressing.
And once again AJ seemed to barely try. In my mind she’s been something of a front runner up until now. It was just weird to watch her turn it off, drop it, and give it up all in one show.

It was clear that she was ready to go home. And her parting words, “Melrose, you have it. You should be nice. Okay?”

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