Saturday, June 11, 2011

Two For One!

This race is incrediable! It's one of those races where you get out of the car

afterwards & sometimes just check you've got all your limbs in place.

-IndyCar Series Driver Dan Wheldon

(Indy 500 Champ 2005 & 2011)

If you hear me talk about the Indy 500 and IndyCar racing and you think to yourself, “Hmmm, sometime I think I might check that out. Jennifer sure is a geek about it. Maybe I’ll give it a look-see…”

And, if you have the Versus network…

TONIGHT is a great opportunity for you to check out IndyCar racing!

They're racing a doubleheader - The Firestone Twin 275s - at Texas Motor Speedway. The amount of laps they’d usually race will be split into two races - almost like sprints. So you could watch just one race…in half the time! A nice way to dip your toes into the IndyCar pool.

IndyCar at Texas is ALWAYS very, very exciting & action packed! They race wheel to wheel in excess of 220 mph, after dark under lights on a track with high banking. And, my goodness, they always get my heart rate up and and have me holding my breath at times as they’ll get three wide at times. Sometimes someone tries to be really brave (or stupid) and make it four wide.

Check it out! Like....NOW... I'm a little late in posting this. And race #1 is starting on Versus now.

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L. Peyton Adams said...

I found out reading John Carrol's blog about Harold going and thought about how he always called my mom, Aunt Bea, and how John L. always was there for my family and loved Harold so much. I have a photo of John L. doing my Dad's eulogy, Christening me at Lewisburg, and being with Dad at Dundee when he gave his first away from home sermon. Harold was like his Dad in that he was a good man, a ray of light, and a blessing to all of us who knew him.