Sunday, May 23, 2010

Indy 500: 8 days and counting...

It's Indy 500 Pole Day y'all!
Thankfully the versus crew caught a conversation between the IRL’s COO Brian Barnhart and Team Owner Chip Gannasi that lead to a real gem from announcer Bob Jenkins. Nobody does it like you, Bob. Nobody.
Chip Gannasi to Brian Barnhart: That’s dirty pool.
That’s dirty pool.
That’s dirty pool.
That’s dirty pool
That’s dirty pool Bri-aaannnnn……
You know what’s going on there…..
That’s *#&*!$!*! …… that’s *#&*!$!*!

(From the broadcast booth...)
ANNOUNCER BOB JENKINS: We apologize for the language. But that’s a valid point.

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