Friday, December 11, 2009

And Then One Kid Ruins It For the Whole Class...

I hate to make things more difficult for everyone else, but I’m going to have to turn word verification for comments back on. This will require my readers to take an extra step if they’d like to leave a comment on this blog. I hate to make things more tricky for y’all and interrupt the conversation. However, the Spammers have been hitting my blog hard lately and ruining it for everyone else. I can’t keep up with deleting the spam. And I don’t want to leave it sitting there because – as I’ve discovered – I may not be able to read kanji…but I still recognize Asian p 0 r n when I click on it.

When leaving a comment you’ll be asked to type in a random word/set of words (that will likely look nonsensical) into a box below your comment, but above your name or sign-in. Just type that "word" in as printed and you should be done. This deters automated spamming programs which troll around the internet looking for unsuspecting knitting/IndyCar/makeup loving prey.

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Jenn said...

Hi Jennifer,

I found your blog while browsing around Blogspot. I am learning to knit so the title instantly caught my eye :) What a shame that the spammers have to ruin it for everyone. But, at least you won't have to deal with their spam comments anymore. I haven't encountered that on my blog yet, but then again I haven't been around too long yet :) I will definitely be back to read some more!