Sunday, November 22, 2009

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I’ve missed my blog just a little bit the las t few days. But just a little bit. Enough to feel like I wanted to come here and say something. I’m not sure what, though.
Hmmmm. Let's try this...

I’ve been reminded, lately, of how good a decision it was for me to move home to Bowling Green a few years ago. Sometimes it’s hard having one life in two cities. But you do what you have to do. Beyond being able to have some high quality time with my incredible parents and being back at my home church, I’ve made some really wonderful new friendships that have enriched my life immensely = Laura + Misty + Louis.

They’ve become part of my journey. I’ve been learning some really big, important things lately. God is teaching me. I feel myself changing as I’m walking my road. And these friends are often lampposts lighting my path. Other times they are like reflectors casting light back at me…showing me I already have the answer or affirming that I’m still heading in the right direction. Some days I end up in a dark tunnel. And they’ll shout out to remind me that I’m not alone. Or they’ll let me follow their voices as I find my out of the dark.

The Dangerous Wonder Era
The Dangerous Wonder Era is sort of like the Mesozoic Era in that it….oh nevermind. I have no idea that I’m talking about. But really…Several years ago I read the Mike Yaconelli book “Dangerous Wonder”. I was profoundly changed by that book. It intensely changed the way I see myself. I think that book gave me clearer vision to see myself the way God does. And it freed me a little more. I felt freer to be myself. Which is all I am called to be.

The Value City Era
One of the more traumatic experiences in my life was the time I got separated from my mother in a Value City store in Louisville. I wandered around the aisles for what was probably five minutes, though it felt like seven months, until I was in tears. Then a kindly, young motherly type came across me and told me she’d help me find my mommy. And she did. If you ever go shopping with me and you detect a look of panic on my face or in my body language if you suggest we “split up”…please understand. If you round the corner of an aisle without me and we get separated, please, just stand still. Call out the words “Value City!” and let me follow your voice. I will find you.

Well, that really had nothing to do with this next part (or does it?). I just wanted to reference Value City…Because I’m currently in the Value Era. I am learning (knowing) in new ways that my value comes from God. No person gives me my value. And no person can take my value away.
That knowledge is being woven into the fabric of who I am…

It is a great way to live.

As I see own self through this lens I’m able to see the God given value of others more easily.
This is a great way to love.

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Anonymous said...

You're back!!!!!!

I'm really, really glad to be friends with you, as well. It has made a big

And that sounds like a book I should read too.