Thursday, September 10, 2009

urban decay book of shadows, volume put your weed in there?

Beatles fans have had their fun with the 09.09.09 release of The Beatles Anthology. I will admit that it took me until late last night for it to dawn on me why a Wednesday was chosen for the release date (“Number 9, number 9, number 9…”). Now, this may not be exactly on par as far as historic pop culture moments. But makeup lovers are joyful over the recently released Urban Decay Book of Shadows, Vol II now available at

There were some complaints (and by “some” I mean “a lot") about the packaging of the original Book of Shadows. While the die cut pop-ups and fairytale notion were cute, the eyeshadow “drawer” was difficult to pull out. I think most makeup nerd’s, especially those fond of Urban Decay’s unique and richly pigmented shadows, overlooked the design flaw in favor of the value of receiving 16 shadows (plus two brushes, a travel size Primer Potion and a full sized mirror) for $45.

(click photos to enlarge)
I have yet to see Vol. 2 in person, but the reviews I’ve come across say the design is still not ideal, but better.
[Visit for reviews, swatches, + a tutorial of Book of Shadows Vol. I + Vol. II.]

Book of Shadows Volume II contains 16 shadows (eight exclusive shades, eight existing shades, with Perversion being the only repeat), two 24/7 Glide On eye pencils (0.03 US oz) in Bourbon (brown with gold micro-shimmer) and Zero (black-black), a travel size Primer Potion, a full-sized mirror, and a Look Book to draw inspiration from for $48.00.
Exclusive shades:
AC/DC (deep eggplant shimmer)
Nylon (champagne sparkler)
Mushroom (taupey-gunmetal)
Sphynx (pink sparkle/shimmer)
Jinx (bright blue shimmer)
Homegrown (bright green shimmer)
Misdemeanor (deep teal sparkle)
Perversion (matte black)

Existing shades:

Sellout (pink champagne shimmer)
Gunmetal (gunmetal gray w/ silver glitter)
Ecstasy (bright purple w/ slight pink tint)
Midnight Cowboy Rides Again (golden beige w/ bronze, gold & silver glitter)
Twice Baked (brownie brown w/ gold glitter)
Half Baked (subtle, lustrous bronze)
Flipside (electric teal w/ blue sheen)
YDK (mocha w/ golden microglitter)
I do have two areas of concern that give me pause before running out to buy this set.

Area of Concern #1
Unfortunately for me the UD Get Baked set I purchased earlier this year contained a Bourbon pencil and three of the shadows in Book of Shadows II – Half Baked, Twice Baked, and Flipside. But they are all great colors that I get a lot of use out of.

Area of Concern #2
I’ve always thought that Urban Decay had some really witty colors names (a shimmery white called Polyester Bride; a medium brown called Stray Dog). But a few give me pause. To mention just a few: Roach, Mary Jane, Half Baked, Homegrown, Chronic, Stash. Do you see a possible theme here?

Some people may laugh at me for this. But being a girl who prides herself for being high on life and having someone dear to me with substance abuse issues I may be more sensitive than others. Please humor me. I am bothered by the apparent references to marijuana as well as other illegal drugs. I’m not saying that I think Wende Zomnir and Sandy Lerner are using their fantastic makeup brand as a front while they hustle joints and dime bags in the back parking lot at the Urban Decay warehouse. But these names do give me pause. I have to ask myself if this is significant enough for me to stop purchasing the brand. Or will I wait and see if they include rolling papers in Book of Shadows, III?
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Camille said...

Uhh.. you're soooo uptight! Urban Decay is known for their "edge". It's no different from Smashbox's O Glow - so what... virgins can be offended because it's a sexual reference? And NARS' blush in Orgasm... you're not their customer then... If you can't handle a joke and you take everything seriously.. just don't bother. You're one of those complainers..

Jennifer Coomer said...

Thanks for visiting my blog "Camille".

cara harjes said...

OH Camille.

Kickert said...

Hmm... While I can appreciate the names giving you pause, I actually see Camille's point. The company is named after a process where poverty and crime take over an area, many of the product names refer to sexual promiscuity, and there are many other drug references in other product names.

It seems the whole company is projecting an identity that is framed in concepts of sin and degradation. Sure, some hit closer to home than others, but the theme is broad.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Have you bothered to read most of Jennifer's other stuff there Camille or do you just think you are edgy?
On the other hand...whoo hoo! DRUG USE!! Cool names for makeup there!! Let's do a line of lipsticks based on pedophiles. or how about a mascara tribute to serial killers?
Sorry dear, no complainers here. Just people that oh...sort of care about society going to hell in a handbasket.

BeLinda said...

drug use is not edgy so much as it is family/ life destroying. Its a good product. Why crap that up? What is the point in glorifying drug use? how does that make it more hip or edgier?

Anonymous said...

Hey, Jennifer! Knowing you personally, I can say that you are definitely NOT an uptight, complaining person, lol! Having concern is not a bad trait.

Robin Whicker said...

Hmmm. The first thing I thought as I glanced at your post was that I really liked the colors. And then as I glanced at the list of names I thought "man, I could live without having eyeshadow named after illegal substances". And then I read your post. Since I know you, Jennifer, I know you are not an uptight person- BUT you are a person who thinks, and who uses your voice and your purchasing power to stand behind what you believe. And since you referenced it, I will say, knowing what your loved ones have been through in regard to drug abuse, I can see why you aren't amused by their "edgy" marketing. And as a mom of two little girls, I can say I agree that while Urban Decay's makeup might be hot, taking the decay of our culture so lightly is not. Camille is right- I am not their customer- I don't take lightly something that destroys lives, and won't act like "hey, it's all in good fun", when it's just another thing that says something is a big party that is not. Thanks Jennifer!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow... this is hilarious.. you can actually thank Camille for getting you the most comments and probably traffic ever. looks like no one else cares to read your other posts.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Just so you know, marijuana is not like cocaine or whatever other substance your loved one is abusing. Weed is not addictive nor it is really 'bad" for you (especially if you consume it using a vaporizer so it is just THC + water vapor). Alcohol is actually worse for you than weed. No one has ever died from marijuana, but people die all the time from alcohol-related incidents.

Weed is also on the cusp of being legalized nationwide, and has already been legalized for recreational use in Colorado. EVERYONE smokes it, even people you might not suspect such as a college professor, a lawyer, or a business person.

Try some marijuana and see for yourself that it is not some scary hoodoo drug for delinquents and deadbeats.