Monday, August 24, 2009

where there is hope...

I have not forgotten the promised post on skin care. But I want to put it off for awhile because I’ve added a new product to my skin care regimen and I want to give it more time before I offer a review of the product. I want to be able to always provide to my readers an honest and helpful assessment of products so that you can be informed before spending your hard earned money on something.

So, give me another week or two of using Philosophy’s Hope In a Jar and then I’ll tell you about it and the other products I use in my skin care routine.

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Anonymous said...

That got me curious, so I googled "Hope in a Jar." What it promises sounds good! :) I can't wait to hear what you think. I started Oil-Of-Olay at-home micro-dermabrasion a few weeks ago, and I really like how smooth it's making my skin feel. But same as you, it's too soon to see if it looks any different. But the tingly-ness of it is convincing my mind! :)